4 week FEEL GOOD challenge

The “4 Week Feel Good Challenge” 

*I am not currently running or planning any challenges – sorry!*

Time for a RESET? Get on board the 4 Week Feel Good Challenge!

Focus on your healthy body and mind for 4 weeks of:

  • MOVING to build strength, tone up and feel lighter – weekly videos of simple, effective exercises
  • EATING healthy meals full of real food that nourishes your body and mind
  • HEALTHY habits to sleep better and manage your stress

For 4 weeks you will receive:

  • Guidance on what to eat – and what not to eat – to feel good and lose weight
  • Easy, healthy recipes to inspire your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks 
  • Weekly workout videos: my combo of pilates and HIIT to build core strength and tone up
  • Daily motivation messages to get your day started right, plus top ups at those tricky times (like the 4 o’clock munchies or the Friday night binge)
  • 360 health tips for mind, body and soul: taking a positive attitude and having fun included!
  • Framework for setting goals and planning your path to successJoin the team: a gang of women on this path together – sharing tips, hacks, recipes, highs and lows

Done a Personal Best London Challenge before? What’s new? 

  • 4 WEEK JOURNEY: week by week progression to get those healthy habits back on track
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: send me your goals and weekly updates or get cut off! 
  • VIDEOS: new workouts and live video messages
  • ONLINE TOOLS: to access information and share progress
  • GROUP INTERACTION: through new Facebook group (optional)

Price: £60 (or £30 for repeat Challengers)


Some previous Challengers say:

“Ive really enjoyed being part of this group and I think all your tips and rules are brilliant. It’s definitely helped me think about my habits.”

“Thanks so much for all the amazing tips. Feeling much better and more motivated!”

“Thank you so much Michelle. So much to take away and continue this great way of healthy living!”

“Thank you Michelle. I’ve definitely made changes…I’ve really learnt about managing my blood sugar – taking out oat cakes and almonds with me – so I never get too starving and then exhausted. Thank you for all your words and constant constructive advice and support. I love the recipes too.“

“All the encouraging words, advice and fab recipes have been great. I haven’t made any radical changes but it’s helped me adjusted my food habits to generally make more sensible choices, reduce alcohol and biscuits intake! Drinking more water and sleeping more. So generally better habits. Thank you!”

“I have totally cut out coffee, saving myself a small fortune on takeaways! Hugely reduced my alcohol intake but not given up. Moved more to spirits when I do drink. Practically cut out sugar and am definitely sleeping much better. I certainly plan to continue in this mode for as long as possible. Thank you so much for all the tips and encouraging words.” 

“Unsurprisingly my energy levels have soared through eating more! Never used to have breakfast and other than lunch wouldn’t eat again until dinner. Now I’m also having an afternoon healthy snack. And best of all, despite my concerns, I’ve not put on any weight and if anything my tummy is not so…fleshy? Also helped I think by cutting down my alcohol and reducing coffee. Thanks Michelle, I’m so pleased you persuaded me to do this 😘

“I’ve made small steps… and I have cut back my drinking which I’m really pleased about. Small steps but has made a difference. Thank you 🙏”

“I’m going to bed earlier, snacking less, eating better, drinking more water and have sorted out my exercise routine! 👍”

“I have almost completely quit alcohol and managed to move my bedtime forward an hour so thank you! Will miss your encouraging words every day xx”

“After years of wanting to and never managing to keep it up I’ve quit sugar.  I feel brilliant.  The challenge now is keeping it up without your fabulous virtual pep talks 🙌🙌🙌”

“I quit coffee Michelle – and feel an amazing difference in my nervous system and sleep. Will never go back. Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏🙏”

“Michelle’s daily messages are like rays of daily sunshine with soft and gentle kicks up the backside. Motivating, inspiring and encouraging without being too prescriptive. Never judgemental or bossy but always supportive and full of helpful, manageable and achievable suggestions to help you reach your goals.”

“I like the 3D focus on a healthier lifestyle … it’s not just about exercise and what not to eat but about lifestyle goals…It’s permission to do something for yourself that isn’t just about restraint and self denial.”

“I really like the recipes and the focus on planning ahead. It has made a real difference to how and what we eat – not looking in the cupboard at the end of the day or grabbing something from the shelves without a real plan. It has also made the weekly shop is cheaper, rather than more expensive as I am only buying what I need.”

“After the Challenge I feel stronger and leaner and more aware of how much rest, exercise and good food I need.”

“I like the way you emphasise what to do, rather than what NOT to do, I like the positivity of it, rather than a nagging approach which I would find very annoying.”

“The recipe ideas are great, as is the emphasis on planning, so important for me, if I don’t plan then I end up eating ham sandwiches and crisps every day.  With the plan I eat super healthy but yummy food.”