Contact me @personalbestlondon or to come along and try my fitness sessions or join a 6 Week Feel Good Challenge.

You can train with me on your own, with a friend, or in a small group. What we do will depend on what you need and what you enjoy. My goal is to help you feel better in your body and mind, to build fitness and strength and long term health, and to have fun doing it.

Some feedback from my clients : 

“Thank you for an awesome 9 months of PT sessions. I have loved pushing myself and learning new things: I feel stronger and more powerful now as a result… I have also valued your upbeat and cheerful messages and your kind and welcoming nature. Your positivity seems boundless and we all benefit from that.”

“Thank YOU for continuing to make it fun and inspiring and challenging!”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for being such a brilliant motivator…Whilst this has been the most amazing year (with my new baby) it has also been very challenging at times, and the sessions with you have helped me cope so much better. You’re worth every penny!”

“Thank you for brightening my January (and beyond!) in so many ways! Your 5 week challenge has been such an inspiration, I really feel some of my little changes will make a big difference! You are a shining star – thank you!”

“Michelle’s daily messages are like rays of daily sunshine with soft and gentle kicks up the backside. Motivating, inspiring and encouraging without being too prescriptive. Never judgemental or bossy but always supportive and full of helpful, manageable and achievable suggestions to help you reach your goals.”

“I like the 3D focus on a healthier lifestyle … it’s not just about exercise and what not to eat but about lifestyle goals…It’s permission to do something for yourself that isn’t just about restraint and self denial.”

“I really like the recipes and the focus on planning ahead. It has made a real difference to how and what we eat – not looking in the cupboard at the end of the day or grabbing something from the shelves without a real plan. It has also made the weekly shop is cheaper, rather than more expensive as I am only buying what I need.”

“I like the way you emphasise what to do, rather than what NOT to do, I like the positivity of it, rather than a nagging approach which I would find very annoying.”

“The recipe ideas are great, as is the emphasis on planning, so important for me, if I don’t plan then I end up eating ham sandwiches and crisps every day.  With the plan I eat super healthy but yummy food.”